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We the Future of Real Estate

Founded by Wall Street veteran Richie Friedman, R New York is the 5th largest real estate brokerage in NYC with a 96% retention rate. Unlike the traditional real estate model, R New York’s unique structure allows the broker greater freedom and more success in running their own business.


Sometimes innovation makes all the difference

As the fastest growing independent residential real estate firm in New York City, R New York, is proving that, particularly in a complex market, innovation can add up to the best possible experience for both the consumer and the agent.

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Consumer Benefits

The consumer benefits from the R New York model since the broker is unencumbered by large firm protocols and free to exert more control over their own marketing and advertising techniques and budgets.  The company prides itself on being a “yes” environment, where all of its brokers are on the same level playing field and given equal access to resources and opportunities.

Office work stations are made accessible to the firm’s agents, who can use the facilities as often, or as little, as they like.  This individualized approach helps brokers achieve their goals, while an intelligent use of today’s technological advances means resources are better allocated.  Best of all, happy, fairly compensated agents — called “smart brokers” — who have wisely chosen this viable alternative to the typical real estate model, are motivated to give their all to the renters, buyers and sellers they represent.

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Hands-On Guidance

Hands-on guidance is a hallmark of the R New York experience.  President Stefani Berkin is readily available to review business plans, provide technology and tools to facilitate deals, guide the brokers through the pricing, negotiation and closing processes.  Stefani launched a comprehensive broker-oriented concierge service to create a professional streamlined experience for the agents.  She is always accessible to guide brokers through pricing negotiations and brainstorm ways to market and advertise properties.

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The New York Priority

Training and coaching is a priority for R New York whether you are a newly licensed agent or veteran broker.  Stefani brought in Esther Muller, founder of the Real estate Academy of Continuing Education as an in-house coach and trainer.

The firm’s progressive approach has caught the attention of brokers, homeowners, renters, and even the mainstream media.  Its principals have been featured guests on CNN, CNBC, NBC, Fox News, E! Television and New York 1 News, as well as quoted in esteemed newspapers such as The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune.  They are also regular contributors to trade publications, including The Real Deal and Real Estate Weekly.

R New York’s broker-centric philosophy has helped the company as a whole grow to more than 5500 agents nationwide.  In fact, it is the largest and most rapidly expanding independent firm of its kind in Florida, Chicago, Long Island, New York and, now, New York City.

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